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 Lee nirvana is one from the twenty-first century human civilization on Earth,even kissing on the street to do adult things that there is no fuss,but in this world is different.If the number of men and women kissing in public places,it must be people caught bubble pig cage,and said what bitches like.
And this three Tradescantia princess kissing Lee nirvana,and it was all up,but also what kind of soulful,do not be jealous woman next nine still applauded.But the wise man and the king sat on the big eye straight on,did not think this boy so cattle,publicly kissing his daughter,also a few minutes so long snout.
In a few minutes,the three princesses Tradescantia keep little hands beat Lee nirvana,there are also constantly kicking your feet moving.But Lee nirvana is not to let her continue to kiss this beautiful child with tears,has been snout Ten minutes later,Tradescantia three princess finally stopped struggling.
Maybe she was tired,and let Lee nirvana Fangchun mouth kiss on her top,but also to continue to mobilize Lee nirvana her tongue Fang tongue.Three princess purple spirit with tears slowly closed his eyes and brain constantly thinking about her lover at heart,I feel very sorry for her lover.
Now she not only was a strange man clinging,was also a strange man kissed her mouth,kissed for a while.Lee nirvana finally let go of her,but she had a rosy lips,looks like a swollen like to be kissed.Xiang Chun Lee nirvana release her when she is constantly scolded Lee nirvana is a rogue,a small hand in Lee nirvana constantly beat up on top of the chest.
"Third Sister,you do not call me Messire,and I'll call you and turn oh!"Sitting five princess purple spirit behind Lee nirvana third sister to see her hands constantly beat Lee nirvana,and my heart hurts like if said.
"I .you have to bully me!"Feel wronged three princesses Tradescantia sister said,pointing to the usual channels sister they said.
In this way,she ran crying king who went above,asked the king to give her shots,but also asked him to go to Lee nirvana launched beheaded.Lee said some of her other topics indecent nirvana,but just smiled to the King,did not listen to her orders,she just smiled and.
"Three princess,you have all promised to do his woman,he kissed you look is very natural thing,you think about it,the case of Messire kiss his wife guilty,then I do not know how many people in this world beheaded!"Tianyuan Empire for three kings purple Princess Ling said.
"Not like this,he just trying to intimidate me,threatening me to be his woman,the father you have to call the shots for me!"Poor three princess said while weeping.
"Well,I still have some official business to do,you have a couple of things that I do not break outsiders,you look good communication with him,maybe he is not what you think!"
In this way,the king and the great minds to leave the palace,leaving only nine Lee nirvana and his wife,and three princesses Tradescantia here.
"Father!"Three Princess Purple Spirit departed father yelled at her.
Her father,however,and did not look back,just nod off to the Lee nirvana point,perhaps in his heart.He had decided to sell the daughter of Lee nirvana,hoping to live for thousands of years in exchange for Tianyuan Empire.
Do not think this a good heart by the king,in fact,he felt very uncomfortable,but as the monarch of a country,he would not cry in front of everyone.On the heart in the baby three daughters,his heart is pain,is what kind of acid in the face of this boy can do.
Lee nirvana doing outrage,all day long is the bully of the world's beauty,the big Yin Chong did not intend to let even a beauty.The so-called kill something wrong without let that kind of the three helpless princess,Lee nirvana live out his right hand on her transported from a suction tactics.
Magic transported from a beautiful princess Tradescantia three behind a strong sense of what attraction should she sucked,she knew it was the power of Lee nirvana.She was afraid,afraid that ran out to the outside of the palace,on the move Lee nirvana she smiled,the handle on the power to increase them.
Fly when three beautiful princesses Tradescantia entire body has not run a few steps,nirvana Li Fei to hit in the past,looking scared to scream loss of capacity.Lee nirvana for the flying beauty children with open arms to catch,but also took her in his arms,smiled and said to her:
"Do not be afraid,I will protect you for a lifetime,do my woman now!"
"No,I do not do your daughter,I have like a man,I beg you let me go."Tradescantia three princesses want to say to yourself sweetheart Lee nirvana listen,let her put Lee nirvana.
But did not think Lee nirvana listened to her words,the people quieted down,did not think the arms of this beautiful love heart is another man.Well,Lee nirvana let her put her on the ground,just like those who are no longer clinging to her,and no longer kiss and indecently assaulted her.
Against the Lei Rener,Lee nirvana said dismissively:"You go!"